Workforce Migration Training

Developed by Fragomen, delivered by CENTIEM.

Employing and managing foreign staff can be a risky business. Not knowing the rules can lead to costly mistakes. The penalties can be serious and can impact on project delivery and team performance.

  • Suspension or loss of sponsorship status can prevent your organisation accessing essential personnel.
  • Serious financial penalties and even imprisonment of employees can affect your business reputation.
  • Visa cancellation and removal from Australia of foreign staff can disrupt important projects.

Workforce Migration Training courses are designed to minimise these risks.

  • Send a clear and consistent message about the importance of migration compliance.
  • Educate your workforce about the do’s and don’ts of employing, managing and supervising overseas workers.
  • Remind your overseas staff of their obligations to you and the Department of Immigration.
  • Make migration compliance a standard part of your business operations.

On-line courses

  • Time efficient and easy to use – Employees simply log on and complete the assigned course as they have time. A number of short questions at the end of the course ensures a proper understanding and reinforces key messages.
  • Always up to date – Our courses have been developed by Fragomen’s team of expert lawyers and migration agents who review the content and accuracy of the courses regularly.
  • Employer controlled – You decide who completes what course and when they will do it. On-line reporting will let you check their progress.
  • Branded and customised (if required) – On-line courses can be co-branded with your corporate logo and colours and the content customised to your particular needs (additional charges may apply)
Online courses Target group
Manager (20 - 25 minutes) This course is targeted at employees involved in the management or supervision of temporary visa holders such as:

  • Line managers
  • Project managers
  • Production managers
  • Other managers and supervisors
This course promotes an understanding of the essential rules surrounding the temporary visa system and provides the tools to assist the individual and the organisation to comply with immigration laws.
Visa holder (20 minutes) This course is targeted at all temporary visa holders in your organisation including:

  • 457 sponsored workers
  • Students
  • Working holiday visa holders
  • Occupational trainees
This course promotes awareness about visa conditions and compliance with migration laws. It ensures that all temporary visa holders in your employment are aware of their obligations and keep you informed about important matters relating to their visa.
Workforce (15 minutes) This course is targeted at all staff in your organisation

This course promotes general awareness about Australia’s migration laws, the possible penalties and the importance of compliance. It ensures that all employees in the organisation know the key messages, how they can help your organisation and why they should do so.

Face-to-face courses

  • Targeted – Our courses are targeted to the audience and their level of experience.
  • Small groups – Course sizes are limited to 25 to enhance the learning outcomes.
  • Skilled presenters – Our courses are presented by experienced migration lawyers and agents who can offer both the legal and practical content needed.
  • Comprehensive materials – All courses come with easy to follow materials packed with hints, tips and practical examples.

For a full list of our upcoming courses, and to book online, click here.

Face-to-face courses Target group
Introductory (3 hours) This course has been designed for key staff with responsibility for employment and supervision of staff, or risk management areas of the business

  • HR managers and professionals
  • Risk managers
  • Other senior managers with responsibilities in these areas
This course is targeted at key staff who require a working knowledge of Australia’s visa system and immigration compliance regime and who have little or no experience in the area. Particularly good for new team members.
Advanced (3 hours) The target group are key staff with responsibility for employment and supervision of staff, or risk management areas of the business

  • HR managers and other HR professionals
An advanced course for key staff who already have a working knowledge of Australia’s visa and migration system but who require a comprehensive understanding of the more complex issues.
Custom We can custom design training that suits the needs of your organisation.

Online courses

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