About us

The Centre for International Employment and Migration (CENTIEM) is an initiative of Fragomen Australia.

CENTIEM brings together experts in the field to produce research, commentary and educational tools designed to inform individuals and organisations interested in global mobility.

CENTIEM’s objective is to make global mobility matter.

Awareness     Our projects, news summaries and events are selected and designed to help raise awareness about the importance of global mobility to Australia's economic future and to provide expert commentary on key issues.

Education We offer a broad range of training tools for business, human resource professionals and others involved in the international employment and migration of skilled workers.

Advocacy We believe that change comes through consultation. CENTIEM gives business a voice in the global mobility and migration debate.

Our team

  • Cherie Wright

    Cherie Wright

    Cherie is an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist and has practiced exclusively in migration law since 2000. She has extensive experience in advising international and Australian organisations across a wide range of industry sectors.

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  • Simon Haag

    Simon Haag

    Simon is a Senior Associate in the Australian Advisory & Compliance and Government Relations practice groups.

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  • Charles Johanes

    Charles Johanes

    Charles specialises in providing strategic immigration advice to businesses on their mobility and immigration programs, policies and procedures, with a focus on compliance and risk management.

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